Hello dear Sports Fan.

We are happy to have you here and we hope you find our website useful for either trying to catch up a game in the TV or online live, or search for the best games of the day or if you are interested in sports bets like we are, to know when is the right time to place your bets.

  • 1. What is HotScores?

    Main idea of this website is to provide you with live information on the games being played around the world. But not only some site for you to look for information, we have processed it all for you!

    After you create your user and login you will be able to see the rating and status of the games that have been played during the day and the live games too!

  • 2. What does the rating and status of a game mean?

    The rating of the game is basically the accumulated goals during the game within the time that has passed. This means a game with a high rating is always a game with goals, and it is always higher if the goals have been scored very close to each other. The status is the summary of the rating in words, cold game is a game with very few goals, normal has some goals, hot and very hot not only have more goals but they have been scored in a short amount of time.

    For example:

    A game being played that the score is 1-0 at half time, that would be a cold game, 1 goal in 45 minutes. But a game that is 3-3 at half time will definitely be a very hot game!

  • 3. What is my advantage of knowing when a game is hot?

    For watching a game it would definitely be nice to know if a game for your favorite league is being played and many goals are being scored, this would be a great game to watch, you can turn your TV to that channel or search for it online. For the sports betting world, well this has its advantages and here is where we come to help.

    Every betting portal online has its own odds for every game, especially when it comes to how many goals will be scored in a game. They use the previous matches between those teams, the history of both teams on how many goals per match they usually score, and based on that they create at the beginning of the game a range of options for you to choose if you want to bet on how many goals will be scored in the game.

    When a game has just started and lets say 2 goals have been scored, the betting portals adjust the options for you online so that you can now bet on a new range of options that was not available before the game.

    For example:

    2 goals are scored before 15 minutes of the game, if before the game you had the option of less than 6 goals to be scored (remember this option was calculated statistically) now after this 2 goals, the betting portal will update and give you an option of less than 8 goals with the same factor than before the game you had for less than 6. You can take this advantage and take that option for a minimum risk bet and win a 1-3% of your bet.

    It is not much for one bet as many people would like but do this 3 to 4 times a day, for at least 10 days a month and you could double your initial betting balance.

    If you are more of the high risk type of player, this goes the other way too, a game where goals have been scored early and is very hot, it is very likely to have at least another goal, and this has better odds.

    Give it a try and let us know if there is anything else that would be useful for having a positive record and keep winning!